John Girgus

& The Legendary House Cats


Out now, my first sample pack for The Cell Studio is a collection of (50) ambient, shoegaze influenced guitar-based feedback and noise meticulously prepared for use as 24bit 48kHz meta-tagged sound files ready to inspire producers, composers, sound designers, DJs, etc. Chop/slice/loop or use in any creative way, free of copyright.

Usually hiding out deep into the layers of more accessible indie, pop, shoegaze based productions, I've now spent dedicated time to creating a selection of those sounds alone, also mining the archives of years of recording electric guitars. Recorded with my Japanese Fender Strat (Fralin pickups) amongst others, at LA recording studios (Rollercoaster, The Laundry Room, Cafe Ale) with an impressive list of junk including: Strymon Blue Sky Reverb, Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo, Fulltone OCD "special sauce", and tons more.

$15 USD, exclusively at the shop. Download a free micro-pack now for 5 additional sounds at The Cell Studio Store.